Troubleshooting - Mixers & Shakers

Troubleshooting- Mixers & Shakers

Using the chart below, identify the problem and the actions you can take.  If problem still persists, please contact Fluid Management Technical Support for assistance at 800.462.2466 or by Request Service above.

Before beginning:
  1. Verify power cord is securely connected to dedicated power source 
  2. Verify power button is on
  3. Verify machine is situated on a flat, level, and stable surface capable of supporting mixer weight


First Check


The mixer does not start
  • Is the mixer plugged in?
  • Is voltage present?
  • Is the door closed?
  • Is E-stop button pushed in?


  • Is motor overheated?



  • Connect mixer to power source
  • Contact an electrician
  • Close the front door
  • Turn to disengage E-stop button
  • Allow motor to cool for at least five minutes. Check for excessive accumulation of dirt. Vacuum if necessary.
The mixer starts but does not mix
  • Are the timer settings correct?


  • Is belt lose or defective?
  • Is the drive belt tension correct?
  • Is the secondary belt broke?
  • Extend mix settings.  Small containers and viscous materials need extended mixing/shaking times
  • Check V-belts.  Replace if necessary
  • Inspect and adjust drive belt
  • Check secondary belt and replace if necessary
The motor runs erratically
  • Is there a fray or lose motor wire?
  • Are the motor bearings worn?
  • Has the primary belt fallen off?
  • Is the thermal overload relay defective?
  • Tighten loose wire or replace damaged wire
  • Replace motor


  • Reposition or replace belt
  • Replace motor
The mixer crushes cans
  • Was the can dented?
  • Were cans the same height?
  • Were cans placed on the table?
  • DO NOT shake dented cans
  • DO NOT shake cans that are not the same height
  • Place cans on table evenly spaced (see operator manual for specifics)
The mixer is noisy
  • Is machine level?
  • Are front wheels rattling?
  • Is the container clamped securely?
  • Is container bail secured?
  • See operator manual on how to level machine
  • Install wheel lock screws into front wheels (available on some models)
  • Using clamping plate or thumb turns, secure container so it is snug
The mixer vibrates excessively
  • Is the machine level?


  • Is the container centered?



  • See operator manual on how to level machine
  • Place container in center of bucket holder or plate
  • Install wheel lock screws into front wheels (available on some models)