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Manual dispensers

Fluid Management manual dispensers are easy to use and maintain, accurate, reliable, and built like army tanks—they simply go, go, go. Perfect for architectural coatings, wood stains, stucco, and EIFS, our manual dispensers come with different pump and canister sizes to adapt to almost any need, including LVOC, organic, and industrial colorants. The perfect blend of proven technology and user-friendly design, Fluid Management manual dispensers will help your paint department run as smooth as silk so you can make more money.

Harbil NSC80

Harbil NSC80

  • Medium Volume Manual Dispenser
  • LVOC/ZVOC-Capable with Optional Nozzle Closers
  • Perfect for Solvent and Industrial Applications
  • Easy to Learn, Use, and Clean
  • Flexible Configurations
Harbil Dual-Pump

Harbil Dual-Pump

  • Recommended replacement: NSC80, X-SMART, and X-PROTINT