Meet Your Industrial And Specialty Tinting Needs With Harbils

Published on: 29 July 2023
Written by: Fluid Management
Meet Your Industrial And Specialty Tinting Needs With Harbils

Harbil and X-PROTINT Series combine innovative, future-proof technologies for superior dispensing, accuracy, and efficiency.

The Harbil Next Gen Series is a revolution in tinting on every level, based on future-proof technology and user-centered design. 

Among the advanced technologies available on both the Harbil 480 and Harbil 680 is the patented Harbil ZeroPurge™ Piston pump, which eliminates the waste of manual purging by autonomously flushing dispense channels at night. This reduces colorant waste and maintenance needs. The ZeroPurge Piston pump has a flow rate of 0.5 to 2 liters per minute, depending on pump size.  

Both dispensers also include AutoDrive™, which starts at the highest speed but automatically adjusts for challenging colorants to help eliminate errors and ensure efficiency. Internal software stores diagnostics for the service technician.  

The Harbil 480 automatic dispenser, the new standard for tinting, is sized for DIY medium-sized retail and service centers. Suitable for universal and solvent- and water-based colorants, the Harbil 480 includes 16 canisters and a 3.4-ounce pump size, with a max flow rate of 29 ounces per minute.  

The Harbil 680 is well-suited for high-turnover operations, with a 10.2-ounce pump size and a max flow rate of 68 ounces per minute. Like the 480, the Harbil 680 holds 16 canisters and can be used for universal and solvent- and water-based colorants.  

Rounding out the line is the X-Protint, a compact, low-volume automatic dispenser ideal for smaller operations. The X-Protint offers delivers 17 ounces per minute and features a steel frame for durability, easy brush cleaning, low refilling height, the ZeroPurge Piston pump, and a patented canister stirrer that reduces colorant buildup.    

“With the addition of the Harbil Next Gen Series, Fluid Management provides one of the most comprehensive dispensing offerings in North America,” said Nidhi Shetty, Global Marketing Manager. “This expansion ensures a solvent solution for retailers and distributors of any size while incorporating the latest technologies to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.”  

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