The Next Generation of Automatic Paint Dispensers is finally here! Introducing the New AccuSmart Series

Discover faster, smarter, more precise paint dispensing. Fluid Management, the leader in automatic paint dispensers, shakers and mixers, introduces the new AccuSmart™ series. Engineered to be the most powerful colorant dispensers in the market, the AccuSmart 7500 and AccuSmart 9500 are designed to improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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AccuSmart Series Advantages

Clear, clean nozzles with less maintenance

One of the most labor-intensive aspects of most dispensers is the ongoing requirement to clear old colorant from clogged tubes and nozzles. Not only is this time-consuming, it also wastes colorant and causes mistints.

The AccuSmart series greatly reduces the need for picking, cleaning and purging. New Dew Point Intelligence (DPI) technology uses current local weather information to maintain the dewpoint at the nozzle tips by closing them in dryer weather. This helps control colorant evaporation, preventing the colorant from drying out. AccuSmart dispensers also offer a smart purging feature for any colorants that have not been in use for three days.

Your business will save time and money with these convenient features to reduce the need to pick, clean and purge nozzles – along with the added benefit of freeing up your employees for customer care, shelf stocking and other important tasks.

Benefits of AccuSmart nozzle-maintenance technology include:

  • Colorant never dries out
  • Less nozzle blockage
  • Increased uptime
  • Higher productivity
  • Saves labor time
  • No more “side-shooting”
  • No more wasted colorant
  • Fewer mistints
  • Less colorant waste
AccuSmart 7500 9500 droplets

icon graduation hatAccurate color mixing

icon graduation hatEasy to use

With thousands of colors now available, your customers are more particular than ever about getting the tint right. It only takes 1/364th of a drop of colorant to turn their blue sky to grey – and to turn a good online review into a bad one.Additionally, when you get the tint right the first time, you can use colorant more efficiently – saving both time and money. That’s why precise paint mixing and dispensing matters to both you and to your customers.

Color mixing

Even for employees new to the store, both the AccuSmart 7500 and 9500 are exceptionally easy to use. Sixteen LED lights help to perfectly align each paint can under the dispenser nozzle. New shelf ergonomics dramatically reduce effort, helping to minimize back strain. Dispensing is fast and accurate, every time.

easy to use

AccuSmart 7500 and 9500 unique features

  • Smart nozzle system for reduced daily picking and purging
  • Eco-smart with 50% lower power consumption
  • LED array for quick and easy alignment
  • Improved arrangement of canisters based on colorant usage
  • IoT-ready to enable remote support and machine intelligence

icon graduation hatProprietary generation-3 DVX pump technology

icon graduation hat Designed for professionals

Our proven DVX pump technology triples the life of your colorant pumps – which saves your business money on this expensive part. Dispensing is fast and accurate with minimum fluid displacement and no recirculation. A slotted piston eliminates the need for valves, increasing durability. This reliable technology has been in use since 2017, and is exclusive to Fluid Management paint dispensers.

dxv pump

All Fluid Management paint dispensing systems are designed for use by professionals. The AccuSmart 7500 and 9500 deliver the highest levels of precision, accuracy and ease of use to enable higher volume usage with ongoing reliability. The system even accommodates larger pails, with a built-in 5-gallon slide shelf to enable speed and convenience for the biggest jobs you have.

Design for professionals

Discover the advantages of Fluid Management’s new AccuSmart series!

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