Introducing the new additions to FM: Harbil 480 and 680

Discover the next level in tinting


The Harbil Next Gen Series takes tinting to the next level. Featuring innovative technology based on customer collaboration and years of development, you can be sure of superior dispensing results, even with the most challenging colorants.

Every Harbil dispenser is built on the same future-proof technology, such as the patented ZeroPurge™ and AutoDrive™ for ultimate reliability and high speed. User friendliness reaches new heights with the first-ever digital Operator Display, and the Service Dashboard ensures all data is readily available for easy serviceability.

From small paint shop to high volume application, there is a Harbil Next Gen Dispenser that gets the job done without compromising the performance.

The new standard
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Heavy duty/Higher speed
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Optimize your operation with the
Harbil® ZeroPurge Piston Pump


  • No purging
  • High speed
  • Easy serviceability

The ZeroPurge piston pumps eliminate the manual purging process and autonomously flush the dispense channels at night, leaving no room for idle colorant anywhere in the system. Zero colorant waste, minimal maintenance, and a dispenser that's always ready for action!

Speed is of the essence in your day-to-day operation, without losing any of the tinting accuracy. The Harbil ZeroPurge Piston Pumps offer an impressive flow rate that ranges from 0.5 to 2 l/min, depending on the pump size, and a minimum dispense of 0.05 ml.

The intelligent design makes serviceability more effortless and efficient than ever before. The heavy-duty materials combined with easy-to-reach parts used in all Harbil Next Gen dispensers means that replacing a seal is now literally done in less than a minute.

See it in action

Ultimate reliability at high speed:
The AutoDrive™


  • Ultimate reliability at high speed
  • No more colorant-related mistints
  • Efficient and accurate diagnostics

We understand that achieving precision results with complex colorants can be a challenge. In fact, overcoming these challenges is precisely what makes our Harbil dispensers so highly regarded. But besides reliability and low-maintenance, our customers also demand a quick dispense time with accurate results.

Always starting at the highest speed, the AutoDrive detects challenging colorants and, if needed, adjusts to the maximum possible dispense speed to finish the job. This happens so fast that the operator doesn't even notice. The result? An error-free, reliable dispense process in the shortest possible time!

The driver software is in constant contact with the AutoDrive and stores any possible changes securely on the Service Dashboard. This real-time information ensures your service technician always has access to efficient and accurate diagnostics.

How it works

Manage your machine at
a glance: The Operator Display

All your essential information in plain sight

Often, by listening to users in the field, progress is staring you right in the face. The Harbil Next Gen Series features the first-ever operator display on the dispenser itself, enabling even a novice operator to follow the dispense progress by the second, monitor the dispenser status and view other operational data at a glance.

  • Ultimate efficiency in the tinting process
  • Proactive housekeeping support
  • Clear dispenser status overview

To learn more about these user-centered features, click on the right arrow for the HA480/HA680.

How's your housekeeping?

Imagine knowing exactly when to refill your canisters or check the brush, if needed, without having to consult the PC. The well-lit housekeeping icons on the display tell the operator immediately when inspection or cleaning is needed.

Because the operator display on the Harbil Next Gen Dispenser constantly keeps your operator updated, the dispenser stays in tiptop shape and operates to its fullest capacity.

Clarity for operator and POS manager

We believe that Bigger + Brighter = Better where operational information is concerned. From a green light telling you the machine is on to red lights indicating an item is not positioned correctly, and a bright flashing LED warning you the emergency button has been pressed.

These simple features offer operational clarity both for the operator and POS manager, and help avoid unnecessary service calls, downtime and costs.

Empowering the operator

We have learned from the field that if you make certain key functions more accessible, the operator can control the dispense process more effectively. That's why we have integrated two basic, but very useful buttons in the operator display.

The first button on the left simply turns the PC on and off, clearly indicated with a green light. The second, right button can be used to show the firmware version on the front display. And should the need ever arise, this same button also serves to reset the dispenser.