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VR-1+ - Mixers & Shakers

  • Handles 1-Gallon Cans, Quarts, and Pints
  • Vortex Mixing
  • Small Footprint

New VR+Series with steel door. Vortex mixer is fast, flexible, and long-lasting. It can handle gallons, quarts, and pints and be stacked to save space. Easy to operate and maintain, with easy access to motor. Low-noise mixer so your team can think while they work.


  • Vortex mixing does not aerate paint
  • Mixes 1-gallon cans; pints and quarts with adapter
  • Small footprint, low noise
  • Programmable digital timer with one-touch control

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What makes us different

  • Heavy-duty construction that lasts and lasts
  • Excellent performance and outstanding blending
  • Broad product line to meet your need
  • Incredibly easy to operate
  • Small footprint to free up more space
  • Low noise

Flag of the USDesigned in the US

Technical Data

Load Capacity

  • Up to 14lbs.

Container & Cases Sizes

  • 1-gallon; Quart or Pint (require adapter, not included)


  • Motion: Vortex
  • Timer: Mechanical or Digital
  • Cycle time: Digital Timer - three-button, programmable from 1-5 minutes (factory default: 1.5, 2, and 3 minutes)

Power supply & Safety

  • 120v 60Hz or 220v 50Hz
  • UL, FCC, CSA

Size & Weight

  • Size: 17"W x 24"D x 28"H
  • Weight: 117 lbs.


  • Door Lock Switch


Container Adapters


90 Degree Conveyor Curve

Conveyor Stop

Surge Protector

Can/Lid Sealer