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X-PROTINT® - Automatic dispensers

  • Low Volume
  • Faster Speed
  • Low Maintenance

Performance MEETS Reliability. The big brother to the X-Smart®. The X-PROTINT® is ideal for customers that are looking to automate their paint department and require faster dispensing.

Faster Speed

  • Larger pump and bi-directional turntable results in 17 oz/min, twice as fast the X-Smart

Increased Reliability

  • Steel frame designed to handle any type of applications or conditions

Operater friendliness

  • Very compact, user and service friendly with a low TCO.
  • Front side service ability and operation
  • Easy brush cleaning
  • Low refilling height

Future proof solution

  • Proven and reliable piston pump technology – Low VOC ready
  • Air-tight nozzle and tubeless design to sustain the quality of any colorant
  • Patented canister stirrer reduces colorant build-up

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Future-proof technology

DVX® pump technology puts X-Series dispensers head and shoulders above the rest. The IDEX family of companies designs pumps for medical, fire, and rescue applications, where lives depend on accuracy and reliability. We combined that know-how with stainless steel strength to deliver unparalleled accuracy, steadier calibration, and long-lasting durability.

To give you a better insight please watch the animation of the piston pump.

What makes us different

  • Proprietary DVX® technology that provides unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and speed
  • Steadiest calibration in the industry
  • Self-serviceability with online tutorials and other help
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Broad service network to minimize downtime

Technical Data


  • Automatic sequential
  • Model: X-PROTINT
  • Colorants: Universal, Water based (LVOC/ ZVOC)


  • 16 Canisters


  • Maximum Flow Rate: 17 oz/minute
  • Accuracy: 1/384th minimum dispense (colorant dependent)

Nozzle Closure

  • Patented airtight valve for low-VOC colorants


  • Manual adjustment with positioning for quart, 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions: 33”W x 33”D x 47”H
  • Weight: 280 lbs. (empty canisters)

Power supply & Safety

  • Dual voltage - 110/220v 50/60Hz
  • UL, CSA, FCC, CE


  • IDEX Dispenser Driver – accompanies customer-designed in-house software programs to interact with dispenser


Computer and Monitor

Barcode Scanner

Label Printer