Meet X-PROTINT, our automatic paint dispenser!

Performance MEETS Reliability. The X-PROTINT® is ideal for customers who are looking to automate their paint department and require faster dispensing.

Man showing the X-PROTINT from a front view


Ultra-low maintenance

The ability to do samples

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Technical Data


  • Automatic sequential
  • Water based, universal
  • Solvent based (optional)
  • Bi-directional turntable

Can table

  • Manual can shelf
  • Dimensions: 15" x 14"
  • Can loading height: 10"
  • Max can height: 16" (19.7" with no shelf)


  • Up to 16 canisters
  • Material: Polymeric (POM)
  • Size: 12 x 2.3 L + 4 x 4.6 L
  • Click-on-click-off
  • Patented optimal stirrer design


  • Piston pump
  • Size: 43 ml
  • Flow rate: 17 oz/minute
  • Min. dispense: 1/512 fl. oz.
  • Polymeric needle valve
  • Seals material: Viton, Viton


  • Airtight - integrated nozzle closures
  • Nozzle cleaning system - passive brush

Dimension and weight

  • Net HWD: 48.5" x 32" x 34"
  • Filling height: 45"
  • Net weight: 280 lbs.

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