Common problem descriptions

We strive to provide as much assistance and service to each of our customers as possible. Below you can find several common problem descriptions.

Contaminated/Wrong Color: Mistinting, color coming out wrong, colorant is contaminated, dispense is watery, or looks incorrect

Excessive Dripping: Colorant shooting sideways, colorant coming out when it’s not supposed to, dripping from nozzle, leaking

No Agitation: No agitation in canisters when the machine says it is agitating, no stirring inside canisters

No Communication/Initialization: Machine not communicating, affecting dispensing, unit and computer aren’t communicating, no power, computer issues, won’t turn on

Noisy Pump: Pump louder than normal, making different sounds

Not Dispensing: Some/all colorant not dispensing from the nozzle

Nozzle Closure Issue: Nozzle isn’t sealing all the way, stuck, sensor not working correctly, colorant leaking, nozzle won’t open

Under Dispensing: Mistint- not enough colorant coming out, colors lighter than normal

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